Gravel - TOWN

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Fantic Gravel Town.

Gravel TOWN is the pedal-assist bike perfect for everyday use. With its Elegant style it will help you go everywhere with less effort, from one side of the city to the other like any other vehicle has done before.

Gravel Town is thought with style and originality in mind, perfect to challenge steep hill effortless, with a battery lasting up to 115 miles.

Equipped with lights, leds, fenders and racks, it’s perfect for shopping and running errands. With the front suspension you can ride on and off any obstacles, offering stability with the 28” wheels and the strong SRAM disk brakes.

A pedal assist bike that satisfy every daily demand giving you maximum freedom.

The GRAVEL TOWN is also available with the bigger battery, LONG RUN, with 630Wh. With this bigger battery we have recorded up to 115 miles of range with one charge. It takes 3.5 hours to fully recharge the battery and 2.5 hour to get it up to 80% charge from zero.