2017 Gravel Town Electric City/Comfort Bike

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Fantic Gravel Town City and Comfort Bike

The Gravel Town is a pedal-assist bike that's perfect for everyday use. With a classic elegant Italian style and a comfortable upright riding position, it will be your companion helping you to go everywhere with less effort: commute to work, ride for fitness or explore your city.

Gravel Town was designed with style and originality in mind, perfect to challenge steep hill effortless, with a 417Wh battery providing up to 80 miles of range. It is a Class 1 ebike, capable of motor-assisted speeds up to 20mph. 

Nicely equipped out-of-the-box with front and rear lights, fenders and a rear rack, it’s ready for shopping and running errands. The plush front suspension fork smooths rough surfaces and offers you more control and stability. The Gravel Town rolls easy on 28” wheels with tough 38mm wide Vittoria tires and stops on a dime with its powerful SRAM hydraulic disc brakes.

The Gravel Town is equipped with German Brose Drive T mid-drive motors. Brose is the leader in the electric motor industry, and their ebike drives are powerful, smooth, reliable and nearly silent. Our batteries are made by BMZ of Germany and come with a 2-year warranty.

Fantic electric bicycles are built in the same factory in Northern Italy that has built our world champion motorcycles since 1968.